Whitesell’s is a full service pharmacy offering doctor prescribed medications as well as over-the-counter items.  We accept insurance, deliver for free in the Frederick area and have an in-house loyalty program for savings on prescription costs.  In addition, Whitesell’s is very proud to source specialty medications and rare drugs for those patients with unique pharmacy needs.

Medical Equipment

Medical equipment is a vital piece of keeping our patients healthy and safe.  We have a highly trained staff dedicated to the different areas of expertise in medical equipment.  Our offerings include wheel chairs, power chairs, scooters, hospital beds, wound care, braces, CPAP, TENs unit, orthotics, shoes, compression stockings, mastectomy fitting, wigs, lymphedema, and much more.

Long Term Care / Behavioral Health

Whitesell’s long term care division offers a full service program for assisted living and skilled nursing facilities including unit dose packaging, chart reviews, free delivery and much more.  Our behavioral health patients who might not be in a facility can also benefit from the same services as well as our compassionate, expert attention and decades of experience in the field.


Our compounding department uses dedicated expertise and experience to combine medications and alter dosage forms for individual patient needs.  Many of our products are unique, but the common products are suspensions, solutions, ointments, cream, gels, suppositories and troches.  We also offer vet compounding for all animals large and small.


Vaccines are a vital part of medical care and disease prevention.  Whitesell Pharmacy offers a full range of seasonal, CDC recommended, and travel vaccines.  We are fully certified for flu, pneumonia, shingles, Hep A, Hep B, TDap, yellow fever, and typhoid vaccines and insurance is billing available.  Each vaccine is unique and our expert pharmacists will take the time to address your specific vaccination needs and any considerations related to them.