Since 1954, Whitesell Pharmacy has operated as an independent pharmacy in Frederick, Maryland with a focus on serving the community and providing equal access for all people.  Over the years we have built many lasting friendships and witnessed the amazing benefits that compassion and generosity can have in peoples’ lives, especially those facing health challenges.  Today these principals drive everything that we do from knowing our customers by name to reaching out and connecting resources when we know someone is in trouble.  We take great pride in caring for the community of Frederick and we are so grateful for all the wonderful patients and organizations we have worked with over the years.

We strive to offer all the products and services we can to cover the whole of patients’ needs.  This includes medications (both specialty and non), supplements, compounds, individual packaging, delivery, medical supplies and medical equipment.  We welcome you to call us and find out how we can help you and how being a part of our Whitesells family can make your healthcare experience more enjoyable.